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Updated: 08/26/2022

Water-Road Interaction Technology Series Documents - May 2000

***Documents on this page were published by the Stream Systems Technology Center, prior to its integration with the Fish and Aquatic Ecology Unit in 2013***

Surface Drainage

Traveled Way Surface Shape (.pdf, 259 KB)
Jeffry Moll, Ronald Copstead, David Kim Johansen

Relief Culverts (.pdf, 235 KB)
David Kim Johansen, Ronald Copstead, Jeffry Moll

The X-DRAIN Cross Drain Spacing and Sediment Yield Model (.pdf, 682 KB)
William J. Elliot, Susan M. Graves, David E. Hall, Jeffry E. Moll

Cross Drain Update (.pdf, 699 KB)
Ralph Gonzales

Water/Road Interaction: Introduction to Surface Cross Drains (.pdf, 721 KB)
Ronald L. Copstead, David Kim Johansen, Jeffry Moll

Water/Road Interaction: Examples of Three Flood Assessment Sites in Western Oregon (.pdf, 400 KB)
Ronald L. Copstead, David Kim Johansen

Minimizing Low Volume Road Water Displacement (.pdf, 2.31 MB)
Jeffry E. Moll

Subsurface Drainage

A Monitoring System for Measuring Effects of Roads on Groundwater: Equipment and Installation (.pdf, 577 KB)
William Hartsog, Keith Kahklen, Jeffry Moll, Douglas N. Swanston

Measuring Effects of Roads on Groundwater: Five Case Studies (.pdf, 833 KB)
Keith Kahlen, Jeffry Moll

Drainage Crossings

Diversion Potential at Road-Stream Crossings (.pdf, 1.10 MB)
Michael J. Furniss, Michael Love, Sam A. Flanagan

Field Indicators of Inlet Controlled Road Stream Crossing Capacity (.pdf, 2.75 KB)
Sam A. Flanagan, Michael J. Furniss

Road Stream Crossing Passage Questionnaire (.pdf, 4.55 MB)
Frank Sutton, Jeff Moll

Response of Road-Stream Crossings to Large Events in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California (.pdf, 5.43 KB)
Michael J. Furniss, Tyler S. Ledwith, Michael A. Love, Bryan McFadin, Sam A. Flanagan

A Guide to Computer Software Tools for Culvert Design and Analysis (.pdf, 6.89 KB)
Kemset Moore, Michael J. Furniss, Sam A. Flanagan, Michael A. Love, Jeff Moll

Methods for Inventory and Environmental Risk Assessment of Road Drainage Crossings
Sam A. Flanagan, Michael J. Furniss, Tyler S. Ledwith, Stan Thiesen, Michael Love, Kemset Moore, Jill Ory


Water/Road Interaction: An Annotated Bibliography
Ronald L. Copstead, Kemset Moore, Tyler Ledwith, Michael J. Furniss


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