About the CCRC

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is a web-based, national resource that connects land managers and decision makers with useable science to address climate change in planning and application.Current and expected climate changes have serious implications for ecosystems and the benefits they provide.

The CCRC addresses the land manager's question "What can I do about climate change?" The CCRC provides information about climate change impacts on forests and other ecosystems, and approaches to adaptation and mitigation in forests and grasslands. The website compiles and creates educational resources, climate change and carbon tools, video presentations, literature, and briefings on management-relevant topics, ranging from basic climate change information to details on specific management responses. The CCRC is a joint effort of the Forest Service Office of the Climate Change Advisor and Forest Service Research and Development.

The CCRC began in 2008 as an effort of Forest Service Research and Development in the western U.S., under the direction of Michael Furniss3, now retired. It has since evolved into a national resource, managed by the CCRC Production Team (right) with input from the management community.

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Photo of eleven members of the CCRC Team

The CCRC Production Team: Back left to right: Chris Swanston1,4, Andy Alm2, Cindy Miner3, Kailey Marcinkowski4, Stephanie Worley-Firley5, Sarah Hines6, Kristen Schmitt4. Front left to right: Jessica Halofksy7, Cathy Dowd 8, Rhonda Mazza3, Perdita Spriggs5. Not pictured: Doug Beebe3 , Joe Smith8

1 USFS Northern Research Station (NRS); 2 Consultant/ USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station; 3 USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNW); 4 Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS); 5 USFS Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (EFETAC); 6 USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station; 7 University of Washington; 8 USFS Washington Office (WO)