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Adaptation Planning

Some structured approaches are being used by National Forests and others to deliberately integrate climate change into forest management. Read more on these overarching approaches below.

A Guidebook for Developing Adaptation Options

Led by the U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies, Adaptation Partners ( use an all-lands approach to adaptation in collaboration with a diversity of other organizations and stakeholders. Their adaptation efforts are intended to inform sustainable management of natural resources, reduce the negative effects of climate change, transition ecosystems to a warmer climate, and help integrate climate change in natural resource management and operations.

More about Adaptation Partners approach

The Climate Change Response Framework

The Climate Change Response Framework (CCRF; is a collaborative, cross-boundary approach among scientists, managers, and landowners to incorporate climate change considerations into natural resource management. Since 2009, the effort has helped bridge the gap between scientific research on climate change impacts and on-the-ground management.

More about the CCRF approach

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