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Start here to learn about climate change, how it may influence land management, and what options are open to natural resource managers for responding to these changes. Looking for a course on climate change? Explore the comprehensive learning modules. Interested in a quick look at how climate change affects our nation's forests? Check out the videos. Or explore our other education offerings.

Check out a Learning Module:

These comprehensive education modules were created using curriculum developed by the Forest Service Climate Change Advisor’s Office, Climate Change Education and Training Team.  They give an in-depth introduction to basic climate change science, the effects of climate change on forest and grassland ecosystems, and how we can respond to climate change with management.

graphic representing greenhouse effect - climate change science and modeling module


Learn about the climate system, greenhouse gases, climate models, current climate impacts, and future projections.

graphic representing changes in forests and grasslands - climate change effects on forests and grasslands module


Explore current and projected climate effects on water resources, vegetation, wildlife, and disturbances for forest and grassland ecosystems.

clipboard representing climate change adaptive management - responses to climate change module


Review the adaptation options, resistance, resilience, and transition, and learn how to incorporate them into natural resource planning.

Take a Deeper Dive Into: Carbon

Check out this learning module all about forest carbon. Forest Carbon, Science, Policy, and Management gives a brief introduction to carbon science, forest carbon policy, carbon markets, and forest carbon management and provides many additional resources for you to explore at your own pace and level of interest.

Go Back to the Basics:

Climate change means changes for the nation's forests. These introductory videos describe some of the changes that are occurring and that are expected as the planet warms, and what we can do to respond to change.


Or Explore More Educational Resources:

Managing for Change

Why care about natural resource management and climate change? Read this for an introduction to many of the resources offered on the CCRC. 

Climate Science Primer

The Primer provides a brief background on climate change science and current climate trends. It points to in-depth resources from organizations that specialize in explaining climate basics.


For answers to specific questions on climate science, how climate changes affect ecosystems, or how to think about resource management under climate change, the FAQs are a good place to start.

Natural Inquirer

Looking for educational resources for kids? The Natural Inquirer produces K-12 resources.