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Climate Facts from the Pacific Northwest (complete series)

The Pacific Northwest Region (Region 6) Climate Change Team has created a series of fact sheets outlining what climate change means for the Pacific Northwest. The first issue gives a big picture view of climate change in the region and how it has been affecting temperatures, and rain and snow patterns. These changes are expected to lead to more risks and vulnerabilities for certain forest resources and ecological processes. Stay tuned for more fact sheets that will dig deeper into regional climate change effects and what they mean for forests. The second issue focuses on water and hydrology. How are climate changes affecting snowpack, rainfall, streamflow, and the plant and animal communities that may depend on certain aspects of the water cycle? The third issue focuses on vegetation changes in response to climate change. How are climate changes affecting forest and grassland vegetation? The fourth issue focuses on wildlife management under a changing climate. Covered in this factsheet are the direct and indirect effects of climate change on wildlife and wildlife habitat, as well as giving a brief synopisis on how vulnerability is assessed and possible adaptation strategies for wildlife management.

Climate Facts: The Big Picture PDF
Climate Facts: The Big Picture Story Map

Climate Facts: Water Resources PDF
Climate Facts: Water Resources Story Map

Climate Facts: Vegetation Changes PDF
Climate Facts: Vegetation Changes Story Map

Climate Facts: Wildlife Management PDF

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