CCRC Tool Submission Worksheet

This worksheet allows Forest Service and other scientists, NGOs, academic institutions, and others the ability to submit their tool for consideration and publication on the Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) website. Please browse the pages in our tools list for examples of a published tools page.

If you or your institution has developed a tool that you'd like the CCRC to consider including, please fill as much basic information as is possible/relevant and submit this application. Thanks for your submission.

Background Info
Ex: US Forest Service, University of Washington
Ex: 555-555-5555 or
Ex: Model, software, online mapping program, etc.
Ex: When created, who was involved, how many versions or updates has the tool undergone, etc.
Ex: Beta testing, under review, published in peer-reviewed literature, etc.
Tool Applications
Ex: Forest Service Region 6, Minnesota & Michigan, Global, etc.
Ex: Landscape scale, 20x20km cells, Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC), forest stands, etc.
Ex: Field measurements, downscaled climate data, etc.
Ex: Custom maps, statistical tables, carbon estimates, etc.
Ex: Results cannot be scaled up or scaled down accurately. (Any tool can be misused or misinterpreted; our users have indicated that they appreciate a clear explanation of proper tool uses and limitations. Please briefly describe any caveats to using this tool, for example useful precautions, common pitfalls or potential biases.)
Ex: User guides, tutorials, etc.
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