Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes and Storage

Learn about gross primary production, photosynthesis, respiration and senescence, and the effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 and ozone on forest stand productivity.

Christian Giardina
USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station

Multiple contributors

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Christian Giardina presents on ecosystem carbon fluxes and storage and discusses how and why these vary across ecosystems. He includes a great primer on photosynthesis, respiration and senescence (conversion of living biomass to dead biomass). Variables that regulate carbon fluxes and storage include precipitation, temperature, seasonality, species, soil, hydrology and site history. Different ecosystems vary greatly in terms of how carbon moves through them, and several examples are presented including northern hardwood forests, tropical plantations, subalpine conifer forests and subtropical montane rainforests.

You should gain an understanding of:: 

The components of carbon flux and storage in ecosystems.

How carbon fluxes and storage vary across ecosystems.

Factors that drive this variation.