Forest Service Handbook (fsh) 5709.16

Index of Documents: Some chapters, because of their length, are organized into several documents. Additionally, interim directives (IDs) and some tables of contents and exhibits are separate documents.

Service-wide Issuances: Line officers at the Forest Service headquarters office in Washington, DC, have the authority to issue direction that sets forth authorities, management objectives, policies, responsibilities, delegations, standards, procedures, and other instructions that are continuing and that apply to or are needed by more than one unit.

Field Issuances: Regional Foresters, Forest Supervisors, Research Station Directors, the Northeastern Area Director for State and Private Forestry, and the Director of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry may supplement Service-wide direction. However, District Rangers and Research Project Leaders do not have authority to issue supplements. Supplements may be more restrictive than parent material, but cannot expand the authorities or relax restrictions unless approved in writing by the next higher official.

Service-wide Issuances

Region 2 (Rocky Mountain Region): Regional Issuances
Region 3 (Southwestern Region): Regional Issuances
Region 4 (Intermountain Region): Regional Issuances
Region 9 (Eastern Region): Regional Issuances
Region 10 (Alaska Region): Regional Issuances