Other Restoration Projects Included in 4FRI

Though the largest planning effort has so far been the 1st EIS, it’s important to remember that there are many NEPA projects on the each of the four National Forests within the 4FRI. They are of more conventional scale, ranging in size from 17,000 acres to 42,000 acres, and are in various stages of the planning process.


One of the ways the Forest Service is accelerating restoration is by increasing the pace and scale of implementation on these projects. Methods for carrying-out the mechanical thinning efforts include the 4FRI Phase One Stewardship Contract as well as other thinning contracts (such as timber sales and stewardship contracts).


NEPA Project websites

The four forests maintain their own Projects pages. Please note: The forest projects links take you to pages that list all NEPA projects on that forest, not just efforts within the 4FRI.



  • Apache-Sitgreaves NF Projects
    • Notable projects include the following. These projects are also referred to as “4FRI bridge projects.” They are intended to support existing industries in the White Mountains by “bridging the gap” between the end of the White Mountain Stewardship Contract and the completion of the 2nd 4FRI EIS.