Multicultural Advisory Committee

Group of folks participating in a circle dance.Appreciating the uniqueness and commonalities of different cultures is more than just a vision for employees with the U.S. Forest Service - it is a reality. Because of the efforts of the Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC), a civil rights advisory group in Alabama’s national forests, cultural diversity and sensitivity are part of the daily work environment.

The Multicultural Advisory Committee is comprised of 15 employees that represent each of the national forests of Alabama. Members serve as role models who assist in monitoring forest issues, addressing the community needs, increasing civil rights awareness and determining strategies that impact civil rights within the Forest Service.

MAC Charter

The Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) serves as a means of open communication between the National Forests in Alabama Forest Leadership Team and employees.  MAC representatives act as a communication conduit for the forest employees who want to express concerns or have issues raised with the Forest Supervisor and Forest Leadership Team.  Equally MAC members serve as a source of information for employees about policies, issues and updates from leadership.

MAC works to ensure that the National Forests in Alabama is a workplace of choice for employees and that we foster respect, inclusiveness, and encouragement for all employees as we work together to be good stewards of our public lands.

MAC members will assist Management in devising and carrying out an effective affirmative Civil Rights policy and continuing program activities for the National Forests in Alabama.  MAC members will also help communicate to employees the Leadership Team’s vision for the future of the National Forests in Alabama.  Conversely, MAC members will communicate to the FLT any concerns or issues dealing with employee well-being on the Forest.

So that the Committee may have the advantage of advice, knowledge and/or opinion of specialists and others, the Forest Supervisor has authorized MAC to consult any person or group in the National Forests in Alabama and Regional Office (RO) personnel as needed on any subject within the review of its authorized function.

The MAC shall not serve as an official representative of any community or employee organization that is exclusively oriented toward any racial, religious, sexual or ethnic group, but rather serve as a Committee interested in the Civil Rights of all employees.

The Chairperson serves as a member of the Forest Leadership Team.