Liaison Panel Meeting

Bankhead Liaison Panel

Meeting Notes

June 13, 2001

Double Springs, AL

The meeting was brought to order by Collin Bagwell. The topics for the evening included discussing ideas on the future of the Owl Creek Horse Camp and future options on expanding horse back riding opportunities. Approximately 55 people attended the meeting.

Agenda Items:

Owl Creek Horse Camp – Ideas included (1) a system of camps around the perimeter of the forest (i.e. Addison, Haleyville, Pine Torch) to disperse campers [Charles Borden], (2) small primative camps scattered around, (3) high-end full hookup camp ground (higher user cost), (4) camp ground with a mix of primitive and full hookup units [Myra Ball], and (5) Brushy Lake style campground w/ water and shower facilities being the key). After much discussion, most participants felt that option 5 would be a satisfactory approach.

Increasing Horseback Riding Opportunities – Mike Cook presented a system of FS roads that provided riding loops around the Bankhead. This option included short connection trails across drainages. Concerns from some about riding on gravel was brought up. A side walk concept around these same FS roads was discussed with the group. Most participants felt the side walk concept would work.