Liaison Panel Meeting

Bankhead Liaison Meeting

September 28, 2000

Bankhead National Forest

Upcoming Program Highlights

1st & 2nd Quarters FY 2001

Road Maintenance – Fell standing snags, resulting from southern pine beetle infestation, adjacent to Forest Service arterial roads.

Bankhead District-wide Thinning EIS – tentative to prepare and publish a Notice of Intent.

Prescribed Burning – implement burning program on between 8,000 and 10,000 acres aimed at sustaining terrestrial plant and animal habitats, restore/maintain native forest communities, and reduce hazardous forest fuels.

Thompson Creek Bridge – complete repairs and paint bridge. Aimed at eliminating old lead-based paint from entering this watershed.

Owl Creek Horse Trail - work will be initiated to rehab stream crossing that connects the orange and blue trails. This crossing will be closed while these repairs are made.

Plan, develop funding, and begin implementation of “phase 1” improvements at Owl Creek Horse Camp. Preferred option (option 2) is to construct a SST toilet facility and run water to the site. This option will foreclose future options for new trail or campground/equestrian facility development.

Southern Pine Beetle Suppression Program – Work will continue through the use of salvage sales to treat infested areas. The timber market will largely determine if this control method will continue into the fall/winter months.

Upland Forest Community Restoration Demonstration – Begin identifying former loblolly pine areas (currently regenerated and SPB spots) for use as demonstration areas showing results of silvicultural techniques for restoring four upland forest community types. Natural and artificial reforestation treatments are proceeding on some areas.

Bunyan Hill and Gum Pond Trailheads – Begin NEPA and planning work for proposed relocation and parking construction for of Bunyan Hill Trailhead and parking construction for Gum Pond Trailhead.