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Law Enforcement and Investigation (LEI) - Closure Orders

The following are summaries of prohibited acts on the National Forests in Alabama. A Copy of each of the Forest Supervisor's Orders can be obtained from the Supervisor's Office in Montgomery or any one of the six Ranger District Offices.

Regional and Forest-Wide Orders

Closure Orders Public Restrictions/Prohibitions
08-01-S0-17-01 Feral Hog Emergency Closure Order
08-01-SO-14-02 Special Closure - Target & Skeet Shooting
08-01-SO-14-01 Commercial Hauling
2012-00-06 Hunting Occupancy and Use
2012-00-07 Nudity Occupancy and Use
2012-00-08 Storage of Food, Refule and Baiting Occupancy and Use
Decision Memo Southern Region Caves & Abandoned Underground Mines Closure

Bankhead District

Closure Orders Public Restrictions/Prohibitions
2012-01-01 Cave Habitat of Indiana and Gray Bats
2012-01-02 Campground Occupancy and Use
2012-01-03 Occupancy and Use Hunter Camps Closure
2012-01-04 Hunting Occupancy and Use
2012-01-05 Occupancy and Use
2012-01-06 National Forest Wilderness Closure

Conecuh District

Closure Orders Public Restrictions/Prohibitions
2012-03-01 Public Health and Safety
2012-03-02 Fishing Occupancy and Use
2012-03-03 Protection of Speciies - Gopher Tortoise
2012-03-04 Occupancy and Use - Open Pond Recreation Area
2012-03-05 Occupancy and Use - Blue Pond Recreation Area

Oakmulgee District

Closure Orders Public Restrictions/Prohibitions
2012-04-01 Payne Lake Occupancy and Use
2012-04-02 Hunting Occupancy and Use

Shoal Creek District

Closure Orders Public Restrictions/Prohibitions
2012-05-01 Morgan Lake Occupancy and Use
2012-05-02 Coleman Lake Occupancy and Use

Tuskegee District

Closure Orders Public Restrictions/Prohibitions
2018-08-13  Pond Closure-Temporary
2016-01-29 Public Safety - Bartram Trail Closure
 2012-07-01  Public Health and Safety