Ways We are Improving National Forest In Alabama

Ways We are Improving National Forest in Alabama

Ways We are Improving National Forests in Alabama

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  1. Forest Supervisors and Rangers(Line Officers) Supervisor's Office-Carl Petrick-(334) 832-4470, Banhead Nation Forest-Andy Scott-(205) 489-5111, Conecuh National Forest-Tim Mersmann-(334) 222-2555, Tuskegee Nation Forest-Darrius Truss-(334) 727-2652, Talladega NF-Oakmulgee-Vacant-(205) 926-9765, Talladega NF-Talladega-Gloria Nielsen-(256) 362-2909,  Talladega NF-Shoal Creek-Karen McKenzie-(256) 463-2272.
  2. Three Photos, first one showing a group of people with hardhats in the woods, second of a boy sitting holding a fishing pole, and thrird fo a man with a hardhat walking onto a trail.
  3. Congressional Contacts-115th Congress (FY 2017)-U.S. Senators-Senior Senator Richard C. Shelby(R)-(202) 224-5744/Fax (202) 224-3416, Senator Doug Jones(D)-(202) 224-4124/Fax (202) 224-3149, U.S. Representatives-District 1: Rep. Bradley Byrne (R)-(202) 225-4931/ Fax (202) 225-0562, District 2: Rep. Martha Roby(R)-(202) 225-2901/Fax (202) 225-8913, District 3: Rep. Mike Rogers(R)-(202 ) 225-3261/Fax (202) 226-8485, District 4: Rep. Robert B. Aderholt(R)-(202) 225-4876/Fax (202) 225-5587, District 5: Rep. Mo Brooks(R) – (202) 225-4801/Fax (256) 551-0194, District 6: Rep. Gary Palmer(R)-(202) 225-4921/Fax (202) 225-2082, District 7: Rep. Terri Sewell(D)-(202) 225-2665/Fax (202) 226-9567
  4. For Additional Information please contact Public Affairs at (334) 832-4470. www.fs.usda.gov/alabama.
  5. Forest Service Logo
  6. National Forests in Alabama, 2946 Chestnut Street Montgomery, AL 36107-3010, PH: (334) 832-4470, Fax (334) 241-8111, Website: www.fs.usda.gov/alabama, Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/NFinAlabama, Mobile app: Download “Alabama Great Escapes”, USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. To file a complaint of discrimination, write:  USDA, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20250‐9410 or call (866) 632‐9992 (Toll‐free Customer Service), (800) 877‐8339 (Local or Federal relay), (866) 377‐8642 (Relay voice users).
  7. USDA Logo
  8. Photo with pine trees, dirt road, two fire fighters with a torch in the road with the left side of the road burning,with the number 8 and words: Ways We are Imporving National Forests in Alabama in white letters.
  9. Forest Service Logo, Forest Service Southern Region, National Forsts in Alabama, Publication Number FS0005, and Publication Date(March/2018)

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  1. Green Title: Oour Intergrated Approach to Healthier National Forest.
  2.  Number 1:  Fire Managment, “Using Good Fire and Fighting Bad Fire”  Fire is a significant force in the forest environment.  The Forest Service is responsible for monitoring good fire (controlled burns) and managing efforts to contain unexpected fires.
  3. Number 2:  Lands and Minerals Management, "Working Together to Care for the Land", The Lands and minerals Program secures and protects the public's rights, title, value and interests in its national forests and authorizes a variety of uses to meet the needs of present and futur generations. 
  4. Number 3:  Ecosystem Management, "Contributing Pure Water, Air and Stable Soil" We recognize the importance of pure water, air and soil as the foundation of ecosystem management. Our commitment is to use management practices that help maintain or enhance the quality of water, soil productivity and air in each of our forests.
  5. Number 4:  Wildlife, Plant and Fisheries Management, “Protecting Wild and Sensitive Resources”, The goal of the Wildlife and Rare Species program is to maintain the biological diversity of all our plant and animal communities. We help ensure populations of game species. We also recover threatened species, while managing the risks of non-native invasive species.
  6. Photo of a person climbing a tree with a dark maroon arrow pointing to a Red-Cockaded Woodpecker and a large white 221, Text of Active Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Clusters, Oakmulgee-119, Conech-61, Talladega-14, and Shoal Creek-27.
  7. Number 5:  Recreation Managment, “Creating Outdoor Recreational Opportunities”, The Forest Service manages recreation sites and trails throughout Alabama’s national forests. The public can enjoy group picnic shelters, developed campgrounds, fishing ponds, sandy-white beaches and numerous trails designated for hiking, horse-back riding, mountain biking and off-road vehicles. The Recreation Fee Demonstration Program allows recreation user fees to be kept by the forest and applied directly back to the site to cover operating expenses and maintenance.
  8. Number 6:  Engineering Program, “Maintaining A Safe, Sustainable and Reliable Infrastructure”, Managing the infrastructure of the National Forests in Alabama is the core function and responsibility of our engineering team. From design to inspection, engineers ensure that the growing needs and the changing uses of our forest roads are successfully met thru environmentally and financially sustainable practices.
  9. Number 7:  Heritage Program, “Preserving the Past for the Future”, The purpose of the Heritage Program is to protect important heritage resources, share the values of these resources with the public and contribute technical advice and information to forest managers.
  10. Number 8: Admistrative Operations, “The Business of Managing National Forests”, National Forests in Alabama’s administrative operations provide leadership in public affairs and community relations, customer support services, law enforcement, and financial management activities that include budget and finance, acquisition management, grants and agreements.
  11. 66, 845 acres with cartoon of a small fire, text:  Rehabilitaed with controlled fires. Photo of a burn. 
  12. Green Text of Alabama National Forests 2017 Facts, text The National Forests in Alabama are part of the USDA Forest Service National Forest System. There’s 4 national forests and 6 ranger districts. The Forests date back to the early 1900’s and contain over 668,000 acres of public land.
  13. Image of a log truck, text Timber Sold, 34,537 MBF(thousand board feet, 63,321 CCF(Cubic Feet) The national Forest in Alabama planted approximately 613, 438 longleaf pine containerized seedlings covering 906 acres and approximately 89,000 shorleaf pine containerized seedlings on 163 acres. The improved number of acres of existing young plantations was 1,068 acres.
  14. Brown box with text 22 Wildfires Burned 1,009.25 acres.
  15. Photo of people caring wood wearing hard hats.
  16. Photo of dump truck inloading gravel.
  17. Green Circle with text National Forest Receipts besid pie circle with text KV $f17, 503, Timber $425, 490 and 25% Payments to States $211,542. Text:  Other Recipts, Land Use-$2,528, Rec. Special Use-$370, Timber Salvage Sales-$277.
  18. Photo of persons backs wearing back-packs with trees in the backgound. 
  19. Image of the State of Alabama with green color marking the Forests with text: Bankhead National Forest 181,224 acres,  Talladega National Forest Talladega and Shoal Creek Districs 237,152 acres, Talladega Naitonal Forest 394,735 acres(all districts), Tuskegee National Forest 11,252 acres, Conecuh National Forest 83,852 acres.
  20. Brown retangle connected to a pie graph with text:  Designated Trail Miles-386.2 mi. Hiking-243.2 mi., Equestrian-80.5 mi., Off-Road Vehicle-42.4 mi., Mountain Bike-20.1 mi. 
  21. Large Geen Arrow with text: $18m 2018 Alabama Forest Budget.
  22. Green circle connected to a pie graph with green, light green and grey colors with text. Road Miles Maintained 323 mi., ML 4 40 mi., ML 3, 173 mi., ML 2 68 mi. 
  23. Asterisk with text ML=Maintenance Level Download ML explanations (Travel Q&As) and Moter Vehicle Use Maps at http://fs.usda.gov/goto/alabama/kbyd
  24. Large Brown Arrow with text: 131, graphic person, text: Permant Workforce, 225 graphic of shovels with text: Trail Miles Maintained(receiving mtce), graphic of money bill with text: $2,209,626 Small Business Contracts, Text:  26 Total NEPA Decisions:  Bankhead1, Talladega8, Shoal Creek 9, Oakmulgee 3, Tuskegee 3, Conecuh 2, Supervisor's Office 0
  25. Grey Rectangle with image of law enforcement badge with text: USFS Law Enforcement Warnings 178, Violations 267, Incidents 340.
  26. Image of person handling a snake. 
  27. Circle with the number 28 and graphic tent and pine tree with text: USFS Managed Developed Recreational Sites. 
  28. Text: 406 graphic of peice of paper with text:  Land Use Permits.
  29. Text:  Cultural Resource Surveys completed 13,372 acres
  30. Image of three men wearing hard hats in the woods.