Prescribed Fire

Southern Region Prescribed Burn Accomplishment Tracker

Prescribed Fire - fire along fence

Fire Management Specialists may prescribe fire to treat the forest in much the same way a doctor prescribes medicine to treat a person. When a doctor prescribes medicine, it is under very specific conditions that the medicine is taken. When a prescribed burn is implemented it is under some very specific parameters which are identified in a detailed burn plan. A burn plan provides guidelines for when and where to burn, under what conditions to burn, what objectives will be met, any benefits that may be gained, acceptable level of negative impacts, acceptable fire behavior, contingency plans for fire control, public concerns and smoke management. Also identified are the people who will be involved in the implementation of the burn and each person's role on the burn. Daily weather conditions play a key role in whether a burn can be accomplished or not. This is one reason why prescribed burns get cancelled and why it is sometimes hard to predict the exact day a burn will be implemented.

Benefits of Prescribed Fire

Prescribed Fire - firefighter igniting fire