Monitoring & Evaluation

Butterfly on yellow flower.Forest Plan monitoring and evaluation provide information to determine whether programs and projects are meeting Forest Plan direction. Monitoring and evaluation is required by the National Forest Management Act (NFMA) implementing regulations (36 CFR 219.12 (k) ) to determine whether requirements of the regulations and Forest Plan are being met.

Monitoring and evaluation provide information that can be used to keep Forest Plans current. Key results and findings will be used to determine if changes are needed in goals, objectives, standards, the monitoring questions themselves or research needs.

Monitoring and evaluation may lead to adjustments or programs, projects, or activities, changes or amendment to the Forest Plan itself or used to recommend changes in laws, regulations, and polices that affect both the Forest Plan and project implementation (FSM 1922.7).

As stated in 36 CFR 219.10(g)[1982 Planning Regulations], the Forest Supervisor shall review the conditions on the land covered by the plan at least every 5 years to determine whether conditions or demands of the public have changed significantly. The Review of the National Forests in Alabama’s Revised Land and Resource Management Plan(Year 10 Review) is available for download. The following Monitoring and Evaluation Reports are available for download.
These reports are in Portable Document Format (*, pdf - see note below).

Note: PDF files require the Acrobat Reader program. You can download the Acrobat Reader free of charge.

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