Forest Service Employees Recognized for Southern Pine Beetle Suppression Work

The National Forests in Alabama recognized Ben Parpart for outstanding work that helped managers detect southern pine beetle (SPB) outbreaks. Parpart, a forestry assistant with the Southern Research Station in Pineville, Louisiana, was instrumental in providing information for the SPB Information System in fiscal year 2017.  His dedication allowed the Forest Service to have immediate, electronic access to view SPB infestation spots. 

Eugene Brooks and Brian StormBrian Storm presents award to Ben Parpart


Brian Strom (right), forest health protection supervisor accepts recognition award from NF’s in Alabama silviculturist Eugene Brooks (left) and presents to forestry assistant Ben Parpart (left).

Other notable Regional mentions go to Brian Strom-acting field representative, John Nowak- entomologist and Jim Meeker – entomologist who worked together with Ben Parpart to develop the Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program Story Map –a public view of  SPB treatment and prevention effort.