Wood Permits Available to Remove Trees Destroyed by Wildfires in the Talladega National Forest

Talladega, AL (November 1, 2018) ---- The USDA Forest Service is issuing free wood permits for the removal of down trees destroyed by wildfires along Cheaha and Lake Chinnabee Roads in the Talladega National Forest in Clay County.

The dead trees were felled to improve public safety after being destroyed in the November 28, 2016 wildfire in the Talladega National Forest, Talladega District.  The public can obtain a free permit to remove the down trees to reduce fuel loads. The dead, down timber is primarily pine with some hardwood trees.

According to Talladega District Ranger Gloria Nielsen, removing the felled trees will reduce concerns when prescribed burning.  “Please contact our office to obtain a permit and understand the restrictions associated with wood removal,” said Nielsen.

For further information about forest and recreation management in the Talladega National Forest, Talladega District, contact the Ranger District at 256-362-2909 or visit online at www.fs.usda.gov/alabama.