Multicultural Advisory Committee: Projects

Members of the Multicultural Advisory Committee have done and continue to do an outstanding job of bringing the Forest together in the area of civil rights.  Members provide leadership in activities that help us to better understand and appreciate diversity in the workforce.

The Committee Chairs have exhibited invaluable leadership in the planning and implementation of activities focusing on multiculturalism.  Plans are made during regular scheduled meetings and implemented throughout the calendar year.  The Committee received the Chief's Multicultural Organization Award and recognized by the Regional Civil Rights Unit for its contributions and accomplishments

FY 2006

The Multicultural Advisory Committee and employees celebrated Unity Day 2006 June 27.  The celebration, hosted by th Asian Pacific-American and Federal Women's Program SEPMs, was attended by more than 100 employees and family members.  Emloyees were recognized for contributions in several areas including their participation in Civil Rights activities, recruitment/retention and community outreach. 

Unity Day 2006 was filled with fun, food, games, music and relaxation for the entire family.  Enjoy scenes from Unity Day 2006 now!

FY 2004

  • Annually, MAC sponsors an all employees “Unity Day” event to promote cultural diversity, unity, and teamwork.  Unity Day 2004 included an educational presentation by a local Hispanic community leader on Hispanic culture and people in Alabama.  Everyone enjoyed a Mexican theme lunch; a game of Pictionary; and an awards presentation.  Thirty employees received Certificates of Appreciation for their commitment to civil rights activities and for promoting unity and diversity on the Forest.  They also received Tee-Shirts and Sweatshirts with the National Forests in Alabama’s MAC logo.  Approximately 100 employees attended Unity Day 2004
  • Five Alabama A & M University students were placed in STEP and SCEP positions with the National Forests in Alabama during the summer.  This partnership with Alabama A & M University assists the National Forests in Alabama with minority recruitment and retention.  Students gain professional development, technical work experience, training, and receives a salary for their work. National Forests in Alabama employees mentored students and introduced them to the National Forest System during the summer program while some students were hired into or promoted from the Trainee and SCEP programs.
  • The annual traditions of Black History Month and Women’s History Month Celebrations have been coordinated as a single-day event for National Forests in Alabama employees.  This year the King-Carter Peace Tour was developed as our joint celebration for Black History Month and Women’s History Month.  Approximately 40 employees toured the Martin Luther King Center for Civil Rights and the Jimmy Carter Peace Library in Atlanta, Georgia.  The celebration offered a time and place for all employees to join together in recognition of our ability to work toward a common goal of mutual respect, dignity, and remembrance.

Peace Tour


FY 2003

The Multicultural Advisory Committee(MAC) and Special Emphasis Program Managers on the National Forests in Alabama worked together to accomplish the following in 2003.

  • Sponsored a Black History/Women’s History Celebration Event. Employees traveled to Selma and toured the National Voting Rights Museum, walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and made a stop between Selma and Montgomery at Viola Liuzzo Memorial.
  • Multicultural Advisory Committee page included on the National Forests in Alabama web site
  • Developed and implemented a Fire Survey for all employees and shared results with Management.  An Action Plan was developed, submitted, and accepted by Management.
  • Published monthly National Forests in Alabama Multicultural Resource and Safety Calendar
  • Co-sponsored National Public Lands Day with the Talladega National Forest, Oakmulgee Division
  • MAC members toured the Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center.
  • MAC co-sponsored and provided support for the Winston County Landowner’s Conference providing information to rural landowner’s on government programs, incentives, and grants
  • MAC members mentored seven Alabama A&M students during Summer employment with the National Forests in Alabama
  • MAC sponsored a job fair at Talladega Career Link.
  • MAC hosted Unity Day 2003 for all employees at CAMP ASCCA highlighting People with Disabilities Special Emphasis Program. Twenty employees were recognized and given  awards for their civil rights accomplishments.
  • MAC members participated in educational presentations and events as part of their outreach roles.  Presentations on the NF’s in Alabama mission, programs, Land Management Plan, and Forest Health and Restoration Initiatives were delivered to students from Mississippi State University, Bevill State Community College, and Alabama A&M University.  Additional programs were delivered to elementary school students.
  • MAC members participated in other outreach events including Annual Fishing Derbies, Hunter Education programs, Buckmaster’s Expo Event, FAWN programs and the Master Wildlife program.
  • Several MAC members and members of the Forest Leadership Team attended the Alabama A&M Forestry Accreditation celebration.
  • MAC members sat on five employment selection panels during the fiscal year.
  • In recognition of these achievements, the NF’s in Alabama were awarded the Chief’s Multicultural Organization Award.
  • The Committee is developing an interpretive exhibit on the Tuskegee Land Utilization Project in cooperation with the Forest Archaeologist and Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center.
  • The National Forests in Alabama sponsored a Job Fair for the Selma CareerLink in Selma, Alabama.  Participants learned about job opportunities with the Forest Service, position requirements, and application and hiring procedures.