Jakes Rocks Mountain Bike Trail Project Receives Regional Forest Service Award

Contact(s): Kathy Mohney

Photo of Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry President Jim Decker with the Honor Award

The Jakes Rocks Mountain Bike Trail Project has been awarded an honorable mention for the 2017 Eastern Regional Honor Award for Delivering Benefits to the American People.  This prestigious award recognizes projects that demonstrate major achievements in assuring the Nation’s forests and grasslands provide the American people with a reliable supply of forest and rangeland products and services. 

Recognized in the award were Jim Decker, President of the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry; Andy Georgakis, Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association; Joe Colosimo with Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathway as well as several Forest Service employees. 

“This project is an incredible success and I thank our partners for spearheading the effort to plan and build these trails,” said Allegheny National Forest Supervisor Sherry Tune.  “The Jakes Rocks Mountain Bike Trail Project came to fruition through a unique partnership involving community groups, local universities and the Forest Service.  This project will result in a wonderful asset that will be enjoyed by both local residents and visitors to the area.” 

The Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the project.  The community group has successfully obtained grant funding, managed the trail construction, and has been key in the marketing of the new trail system. 

So far, nearly 15 miles of the 45-mile system have been built.  The trails are open to both hikers and mountain bikers and are optimized for mountain bike use.  The system opened in summer 2016 and since then the use has exploded with visitors coming from hours away.  According to Bradford District Ranger Rich Hatfield, the trails are already the most popular non-motorized trails on the Allegheny National Forest.  “I have been amazed by the public’s response to these trails.  There is strong demand for high quality mountain biking trails in this area.”  Construction on the system will continue this spring with another 10 miles of trail planned in 2018. 

Allegheny National Forest Supervisor Sherry Tune received the award on behalf of the Jakes Rocks Mountain Bike Trail Project at the Eastern Region Award Ceremony in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 8.

For additional information, please contact Bradford District Ranger Rich Hatfield at 814-363-6098 or rhatfield@fs.fed.us.