Allegheny National Forest to salvage trees in the Watson Farm and Brush Hollow Windthrow Salvage Project areas

Contact(s): Collin Shephard

The Allegheny National Forest will soon be salvaging trees in Howe (Warrants 2464, 2808, 2916 and 2995) and Jones (Warrants 3231, 3232, and 3252) Townships, Forest County, Pennsylvania.  The trees were uprooted or damaged during a May 1, 2017, windstorm.

Marienville District Ranger Rob Fallon recently signed two decision memos allowing salvage operations to take place on approximately 221 acres of National Forest System lands included in the Watson Farm and Brush Hollow Windthrow Salvage Project areas.  The Brush Hollow Windthrow Salvage Project also authorizes 0.4 miles of temporary road which will be fully decommissioned following completion of the salvage operation.

“Salvage timber harvests may occur in response to forest health issues or catastrophic events, such as wind or ice,” Fallon said. “We want to recover the economic value of the damaged trees that would otherwise be lost if the wind-thrown or damaged trees are not salvaged. We are not salvaging all of the blown-down trees; but, where we are, we want to position these stands to regenerate a new and healthy forest as quickly as possible. In the Brush Hollow area, which includes a popular recreation trail, our work will include restoring trail sections that had been damaged by uprooted trees, and small scale planting to maintain some variation in the landscape and promote species diversity in the new forest.”

Approximately 1,500 acres of wind-thrown trees occurred across the Marienville Ranger District as a result of the May 1 storm. These are two of a series of proposals, analyses and decisions addressing these windthrow areas.

Additional information for these projects is available online ( and or by contacting Kevin Treese, District Planning Team Leader at or 814.927.5759.