Allegheny National Forest 2020 Prescribed Burn Plan

Contact(s): Christopher Warner

Warren, Pa. (March 16, 2020) — The USDA Forest Service is planning prescribed burns during the middle to end of March, all of April and being to the end of May, weather dependent.


Prescribed burns are planned fires that are overseen by professionals and are performed under specific weather conditions. These fires are a tool that are designed to mimic fire that historically occurred naturally on the forest, which enhances the regeneration of healthy forests, retains diversity of tree and plant species, and enhances wildlife habitat.


Currently the Allegheny National Forest is planning prescribed burns for 745 acres of oak habitat restoration at Izenbrown and 227 acres at Jakes Rocks, 35 acres of grassland habitat at Buckaloons, located on the Bradford Ranger District; 61 acres of grassland habitat at Buzzard Swamp, and 27 acres at Spring Creek, located on the Marienville Ranger District.


The prescribed burns will occur when the weather permits. No prescribed burns will be planned at Jakes Rocks on any Friday through Sunday, to accommodate use of the mountain bike trail system.


The Forest Service will issue a final community notice of prescribed burning within 24 to 48 hours prior to the burn. Fire management staff will be monitoring daily weather forecasts and on-the-ground conditions at each location.


To keep community members informed there will be road signs, road guards, public information officers at the burn zones, and live information posted to our social media accounts daily while burns are being conducted.


Prescribed burning are used to reduce hazardous fuels, such as the buildup of fire-prone vegetation, in a forest or grassland environment.


The Buzzard Swamp and Jakes Rocks areas have been successfully managed with prescribed burns in the past.