Chinese Forestry officials visit Angeles National Forest

On November 7, 2017, the Angeles National Forest (ANF) hosted a group of Chinese Forestry (and Parks) officials from Guangxi Province, China. The group of 20 were government officials, heads of corporations owned by the government, or urban forest managers with plantation operations. They were interested in forest management in urban settings and various ways to manage recreation. The group spent a half day with Forest Service staff giving a series of presentations and a half day in the field visiting the San Gabriel Mountains in the ANF.

Group of Chinese Delegates

Chinese delegates in upper San Gabriel watershed

The San Dimas and Missoula Technology and Development Center joined the event via AdobeConnect. Tech Center managers used this technology to make presentations regarding the forest products lab and innovation, the Forest Service sustainability initiative and fire management projects. The Chinese Forestry managers were especially interested in the app that the Tech Center is developing for ‘equipment vision’ so that the volume of the tree can be assessed in real time and relayed to the operator of logging equipment. A local translator was hired to help with translating the content, but Chinling Chen, ANF NEPA planner, gave her presentation in Mandarin and translated for the English speakers from the ANF and San Dimas Tech Center.

During the field portion of the visit, ANF employees shared history and background on the forest and the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and discussed the importance of water in the San Gabriel Canyon to millions of people in the basin along with recreation, wilderness areas, fire management and plant communities in the mountains. The Chinese delegates were able to get into the cool mountains and see the conifers in the San Gabriel watershed.

The Angeles appreciated the opportunity to coordinate with the California State University Long Beach International Training Program and to share information across borders about forest management with the Chinese Forestry Managers.

Group of Chinese Delegates

ANF hosts and Chinese Forestry visitors at the San Dimas Technology and Development Center