Angeles National Forest - Grassy Hollow Visitor Center

Field of Flowers

[Photo: Field of Spring Flowers] For a recreation map and additional recreation  information  on the visitor center, follow this link to the recreation page.

Grassy Hollow Visitor Center is located on Highway 2, 6 miles west of the town of Wrightwood, CA. Exhibits tell the story of this rugged, wind-swept area. Follow the animal tracks from the interpretive panels, under the trees (yes! indoors!) to the forest mural where you'll discover facts about the animals who live here. You'll find a wide variety of books, Smokey dolls and other great items in the gift shop. Subject to closure in periods of high snowfall. Come on in! 

For more information call the Center at (626) 821-6737, or the District Office at (661) 269-2808. 

The helpful volunteer staff will answer all your questions about the local area - from trail and road conditions, to recreation opportunities. If you are interested in joining the volunteer staff, visit the Volunteers of the Angeles National Forest website (non-Forest Service).

The cozy corner store offers books, Smokey dolls, T-shirts, posters and many other items. 

How do you compare to a bear! Why doesn't a mountain lion's paw print show claw marks? What bird has eggs the size of peas? Find out what is considered the "fast food of the forest", what animal may have a rattlesnake as a snack and what can change a forest.   To get the answers click on this link.