Los Angeles Gateway District

The Los Angeles Gateway District is in the central section of Angeles National Forest. Comprising 147,871 acres, it offers a host of recreational opportunities including hiking, camping, water play in the creeks, picnicking and mountain biking.

The district is bound by the Los Angeles Basin on the south, the San Gabriel Wilderness Area west of state Highway 39 on the east, the San Gabriel Mountains Crest north of Santa Clara Divide Road on the north, and the junction of the I-5 and Highway 14 on the west.

Elevations in the district range from 1,200 to 8,700 feet. The higher area includes the upper reaches of the San Gabriel River canyons and the 5,700-foot Mount Wilson. The lower elevations are covered with chaparral, oak, sycamore, and alders, while elevations above 5,000 feet feature pine, cedar, and fir.

Top recreational areas include Chantry Flat Picnic Area and Trailhead, Cobb Estate Trailhead, Switzer Picnic Area and Trailhead, Buckhorn Campground and Lower Big Tujunga Canyon. The district has more than 150 miles of trails including sections of the Pacific Crest, Gabrielino, Silver Moccasin and High Desert trails.

Besides recreation, the district is used for movie filming, 50-K and 100-mile bicycle events, forest-product sales, TV and radio broadcasting and astronomy studies.

Los Angeles Gateway District Recreation Information