Pryrmid Lake Watercraft Regulations Brochure

Pryrmid Lake Watercraft Regulations

Personal Watercraft Rules and Regulations

Jet Skis, Wave Runners, Sea­ Doos and all similar powerboats are categorized as Personal Watercraft. These rules and regulations are designed to make your day at Pyramid Lake safe and enjoyable for you and other visitors.

The Marina is a SLOW/NO WAKE area. SLOW/NO WAKE means no white water behind your watercraft. This includes the ramp, courtesy and rental docks, and adjacent waters out to the reg­ulatory buoys past the swimming area.

Traffic flow is counter­clockwise. All watercrafts should keep to the right.

All watercrafts shall be effectively muffled.

Respect the rights of others ­swimmers, fishermen, shore residents, and other boaters.


  • Wear your life jacket
  • Look around and behind you before turning your watercraft.
  • Do not jump wakes within 100 feet of the boat creating the wake.
  • Underage children may not operate personal watercraft.
  • Know the “RULES OF THE ROAD.”
  • Never operate any boat, including a personal watercraft, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Obey all restricted speed zones ­they apply to you.


Your watercraft must be currently reg­istered and have properly displayed numbers and stickers.

Registration certificate must be carried on board.


Your watercraft must have a proper personal flotation device for each per­son on board. Wear your flotation device.


At least one approved B­1 type fire extinguisher must be on board.

Issued 7/11