Rowher Flat OHV Brochure

Rowher Flat Off-Highway Vehicle Area

The Forest Service, in cooperation with Los Angeles County and the State of California, actively manages the 10,000-acre Rowher Flat Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area. It has been popular with OHV recreationists since the early 1960s. Current management is designed to be responsive to environmental needs yet pro­vide you with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the area when using your off-highway vehicles.

Use at Rowher Flat spans several thousand years into prehistory. Local springs and a diverse land­scape provided sufficient water and food to sup­port a Tataviam Indian village on the flats. Ranching, mining, and World War II-aircraft-landing training has also occurred in the area. The closed areas you may encounter as you ride have been set aside to preserve these irreplace­able remnants of our cultural heritage.

Being under the influence or possessing an alcoholic beverage open container while operating or riding in a vehicle is prohibit­ed.


Angeles National Forest has a designated OHV route system. Designated routes are signed by type of use and level of difficulty. ONLY those trails and roads open to OHV use will have a designated route sign. All other trails or roads are closed to OHV use.


  • All vehicles must have properly installed Forest-Service-approved spark arresters and mufflers.
  • State law required that all vehicles on public roads must have a valid license plate.
  • All vehicles on OHV routes must have a license plate or off-highway green or seasonal vehicle registration sticker.
  • To make your ride safer and more enjoyable, please wear a helmet, boots, gloves and eye protection. State law requires all All Terrain Vehicle riders to wear a helmet.
  • No passengers are allowed on ATVs --opera­tor only!
  • A National Forest Adventure Pass or Golden Passport is required for all street-legal vehicles parked within the Rowher Flat OHV Area. Contact the Forest Service for information on where you may purchase a Pass.
  • There are many acres of private land within the National Forest boundary. Please respect pri­vate property by riding on designated OHV routes only.
  • The discharge of firearms within the Rowher Flat OHV area is prohibited.


If your OHV was manufactured: Noise Limit

Before Jan. 1, 1986: 101 decibels. On or after Jan. 1, 1986: 96 decibels.

CompetitionOHVs manufactured: Noise Limit

Before Jan. 1, 1998: 101 decibels. On or after Jan. 1, 1998: 96 decibels.

Although no water is available and no devel­oped campsites are located within the Rowher Flat OHV area, dispersed camping is allowed. Fires are permitted in Forest Service pro­vided stoves. Check with the local Forest Service office for current fire restrictions.


Your actions directly affect the quality of your rid­ing environment and the future of OHV use on National Forest lands. Join us in proudly display­ing "TREAD LIGHTLY" stickers to let others know you care about the land you use and support responsible riding. Contact any Forest Service office for information and "TREAD LIGHTLY" stickers.

In case of emergency:Dial 911, or contact the Forest Service Emergency Operations Center at: (661) 723-7619

Follow this link for a map of the Rowher Flat OHV Area.  Map 

For further information contact:

Santa Clara/Mojave Rivers Ranger District

33708 Crown Valley Road

Acton, CA, 93510

(661) 269-2808

CRS (800) 735-2922 (Voice)

CRS (800) 735-2929 (TDD/TTY)