San Gabriel Canyon OHV Brochure

San Gabriel Canyon Off-Highway Vehicle Area

The San Gabriel Canyon Off-Highway Vehicle Area is located 11 miles north of Azusa on Highway 39. Over 160 acres of rocky, sandy river bottom await users of 2, 3 and 4-wheeled OHVs. The OHV and obstacle course area is open Saturday's, Sundays, and major holidays at 8 a.m. ALL VISITORS MUST EXIT BY 4:30. Special closures may occur on weekdays or if unusually high water, wildfire or capacity crowds occur.

Facilities and Services

Access into the San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area is through the Staging Area located along Highway 39. Parking restrooms are provided. Foodservice is available at Camp Williams in the East Fork of San Gabriel Canyon. The nearest towing and gas services are located in Azusa.


A fee of $8 for each primary vehicle and $5 for each secondary vehicle is charged for the San Gabriel OHV Area. Permits may not be purchased without proper vehicle registration, approved spark arrester or muffler system, and any other protective equipment required by the State of California for off-highway vehicle operation.

Fires and Stoves

Open wood fires and charcoal barbecues are not permit­ted within the San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area.

Only portable stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel may be used, and a California Campfire Permit is required for their use. Fire restrictions may be imposed during high fire danger. Free Campfire Permits and current fire restriction information may be obtained at any Angeles National Forest & San Gabriel Mountains National Monument office or online.


  • All vehicles are subject to search prior to entry.
  • The possession of alcoholic beverages is pro­hibited at all times.
  • All ATVs and motorcycles must be equipped with approved spark arresters, proper­ly installed and maintained.
  • Approved muffler systems are required on all motorized vehicles.
  • All vehicles must be currently registered: green or red stickers (seasonally) for off-highway vehi­cles; regular state registration is required for street-legal 4 wheel drive vehicles.
  • Obey the 15 mph speed law when driving in the Staging Area and parking lot, or within 50 feet of any person or property.
  • The discharge of firearms or fireworks is pro­hibited at all times.
  • All vehicles must exit the area by posted hours.
  • The state Vehicle Code applies and is enforced.
  • Vehicles and swimming are not allowed in the San Gabriel Reservoir.

Help Protect this Unique Area

San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area is located adja­cent to the San Gabriel River. Your assistance is needed to protect and preserve this unique and valuable wildlife habitat, which is home to the threatened fish, the Santa Ana sucker. You can help by following these rules:

  • Cross streams only at 90-degree angles.
  • Do not operate vehicles in the San Gabriel River except to cross at designated crossings.
  • Report any hazardous waste spills (oil or fuel) immediately.
  • Do not park or wash your vehicles in the stream.
  • Stay within the boundaries of the OHV Area.
  • Pack your trash out and dispose of it in the containers provided at the Staging Area, or take it home with you to be disposed of or recy­cled.



San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
110 N. Wabash Ave.
Glendora, CA 91741
(8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays)
626) 335-1251

San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area
(Weekends and most holidays) (626) 910-1235
San Gabriel Canyon Information Station
Fridays - Sundays and most holidays) (626) 969-1012

Map of the Off-Highway Vehicle Area.