Angeles National Forest Reopens Road and Campground

ARCADIA, Calif. — The Angeles National Forest is pleased to announce that the road to Mt. Pacifico Campground has been cleared of hazard trees and the gate on road 3N17 above Mill Creek Fire Station is now open. Located near the western boundary of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, both road 3N17 and the access road to Mt. Pacifico Campground are open to street legal and off-highway vehicles, while road 3N90 (aka “Roundtop Road”) is only open to street legal vehicles.

Monument Manager Matthew Bokach would like to caution the public that road 3N17 is still impassable roughly a quarter-mile beyond the turnoff to Mt. Pacifico, due to rockslides and a major washout. This issue is on the forest’s priority list for repairs and maintenance in 2019. Accordingly, the gate at Alder Saddle, at the intersection with road 5N04, is still closed.

Please always check the most current fire restrictions. There are limited trash facilities at Mt. Pacifico Campground, so please help keep your public lands clean and welcoming to the next user by packing out everything you bring to the campground. Any maintenance or safety issues can be reported to David Cline at the Acton Work Center, 661-269-2808