Angeles National Forest - Woodcutting Permits

Pine Trees

Wood Cutting Permits are for personal fuel wood only.

  • Cutting living trees is not permitted.
  • Christmas Tree Permits are not issued on the Angeles National Forest

Los Angeles Gateway District - Woodcutting permits on the Los Angeles River Ranger District are issued on a lottery system with names accepted year round. You cut and haul from the permitted area - wood is not cut and stacked for you. Chainsaws must be equipped with a spark arrestor. Permits for pine are $25.00 a cord and $35.00 per cord for hardwoods. Contact the Little Tujunga Office (818) 899-1900 for further information.

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument - Permits are issued at the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument office. Call the Monument office in Glendora at (626) 335-1251 for more information.