Wilderness Guidelines and Leave No Trace Camping

[Graphic: Leave No Trace Logo] Preserving wilderness quality in the face of increasing recreation use is one of the major challenges faced by National Forest managers. You can help by observing these "no trace" camping practices and leaving the area as undisturbed as possible.

  • Locate camps at least 200 feet from other camps and 100 feet from trails, springs or streams. Pick a place where you won't have to clear vegetation or level a tent site.
  • Construction of rock walls, lean-to's, fire rings, shelters, tables and other improvements alter and detract from the natural character of the land, and are prohibited.
  • Please carry out all unburnable trash. Cans, bottles, aluminum foil, and plastics do not burn and are not biodegradable - they must be packed out. Do not bury trash. Leave a clean camp.
  • Keep all soaps and detergents out of streams. Wash dishes, etc. in a pot and dispose of water at least 100 feet from stream.
  • All mechanized and motorized equipment such as cell-phones, radios, suction dredges, generators, mountain bikes and motorized vehicles are not permitted within Wilderness Areas.
  • Bury human waste in a shallow hole (5 to 6 inches deep) at least 100 feet from any water supply, camp or trail. Fill hole with soil when done.
  • Stop to smoke. Smoking while traveling is hazardous. Locate a safe spot, and be sure that all matches, ashes, and burning tobacco are completely out.
  • Short-cutting switchbacks and walking out of the established trail hastens destructive erosion and deteriorates the existing trail. Whether hiking or riding, staying on the trail is safer and easier, and saves trail maintenance costs.
  • Do not litter the trail. Take all gum, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. with you while traveling.
  • Avoid loud noises which are disruptive to others.
  • Yield the right-of-way to pack and saddle stock. Stand quietly, well off the trail until the stock has passed.
  • A California State fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older who plans to fish. California State fishing regulations apply in Wilderness Areas.

Remember - you are a temporary visitor in the Wilderness. You can help preserve the wilderness character of the area by following these simple rules.  To learn more about Outdoor Ethics, visit the Leave No Trace, Org. website at www.lnt.org. [Not a Forest Service Website]

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Know Before You Go!

Know Before You Go!