Cucamonga Wilderness

Congress designated the Cucamonga Wilderness in 1964.  About 1/3 of the 12,781 acres lie on the Angeles National Forest - San Gabriel Mountains National Monument while the remaining acres are administered by the San Bernardino National Forest.  There is an increasing pressure on the land from large groups visiting and requesting to visit the wilderness. These groups tend to be larger than the average group size, and combined with the high visitor use already occurring, are having a negative impact on the resources and visitor experience.  Although the group size is limited to 25 and a permit is required to visit the Cucamonga Wilderness, groups often ignore the regulations posted at trailheads, or they are unaware of the impacts of their over-use. There are three dispersed campsites within the wilderness (two on the San Bernardino National Forest side, and one on the Angeles National Forest).


This wilderness consists of a sub-alpine setting, which is primarily composed of mixed conifers ranging in age class such as Ponderosa, Jeffrey, and Douglas-fir pines.


Numerous wildlife species do well in the area, including deer, bear, mountain lions, and Nelson bighorn sheep.


Trails going through this wilderness are the 3 T’s (7W06/06A), Icehouse Canyon (7W07A), and Ontario Peak Trail (7W08).

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Know Before You Go!

Know Before You Go!