Angeles National Forest Plant A Tree Brochure

Angeles National Forest Plant-A-Tree

The Plant-A-Tree Program is a national program established by the USDA Forest Service in 1983 for individuals and groups to contribute money toward planting trees on National Forest System lands. Through this program, donors can contribute toward tree planting on National Forests to memorialize loved ones or commemorate births, weddings, or special events while helping to improve the environment. This program qualifies as a charitable donation under section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

How Donations Are Used

Plant-A-Tree funds received on the Angeles National Forest are deposited in a fund specifically designated for reforestation within the Forest. We fund projects where the greatest reforestation need exists. These are usually areas where fires or other natural disturbance events have resulted in the need to plant trees. Trees will be of a size and species suitable to the location. The number of trees planted with a given donation will vary because of varying costs at different locations.

The trees are not designated on the ground as a memorial or individually recognized, but are planted within and adjacent to existing tree stands on the Forest in an effort to “keep forested lands forested.” The planted trees will become part of the forest ecosystem managed to sustain our natural resources. The size and species of the trees planted will be appropriate to the site and will be at the discretion of the Forest Service. The contributor does not “own” specific trees or forest stands, which are U.S. federal property. Rather, the contribution fosters forest health and secures investment in forested landscapes.

Donor Acknowledgement

To commemorate the contribution, we provide a certificate suitable for framing recognizing the gift either to the donor or to another party named by the donor. If you are making the contribution on behalf of another person or family, please indicate the name of the person or persons you wish recognized and the name will be placed on the certificate. We will also need the address where to send the certificate if it is to go somewhere other than to the person making the contribution.

How to Contribute

The suggested minimum donation is $10, which typically covers the cost of acquiring and planting up to 30 seedlings. With your donation, please provide the following information:

1. For whom is the donation being made?

2. What is the occasion (i.e., memorial for someone deceased, birthday, retirement, etc.) Include any special message you would like on the certificate.

3. Who should receive the certificate(s)? Include both the name(s) and address(es).

4. Include your name and address so we can acknowledge receipt of your request and send proof of your donation for income tax purposes.

Make your check payable to the USDA Forest Service, and write “Plant-A-Tree, Angeles National Forest” on the memo portion of the check. Please note that contributions cannot be refunded. We cannot accept cash or credit cards. Send your check to the address below or your local Forest Service office: Angeles National Forest, Attention: Plant-A-Tree Coordinator, 701 N. Santa Anita Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006

Issued 1/2011