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Day-use Gear Checklist

 What to take with you...

  • Sturdy Footwear
  • Extra Clothing, Hat (Wool or Synthetics are Best)
  • Drinking Water
  • Rainwear (Waterproof Jacket and Pants or Poncho)
  • Map
  • Sunglasses and Sunblock
  • Topographic Map, Compass
  • Extra Food
  • First Aid Kit
  • Pocket Knife
  • Matches (In Waterproof Container)
  • Flashlight
  • Foil (to use as a cup or signaling device)
  • Radio with Batteries
  • Whistle or Mirror to Attract Attention
  • Insect Repellant (During Mosquito Season)

Remember cell phones may not work in many parts of the Forests and Grassland.