Forest Roads Status

Did you know? 

Many roads were damage by the September 2013 Floods. For information about damage and our progress visit our Flood Recovery page.


Forest service vehicle on a snowy road The U.S. Forest Service closes roads seasonally for many reasons. Some roads are closed to protect wildlife at critical times of the year, others are closed because they are not passable due to snow, snow drifts and ice or to protect the road bed.


Review Forest Road Status by Ranger District area:

Boulder, CO
Canyon Lakes
Fort Collins, CO
Clear Creek  
Idaho Springs, CO 
Winter Park, CO
Pawnee National Grassland
Greeley, CO


Graphic: Motor Vehicle Use Map thumbnail.
Motor Vehicle Use Maps will help you ensure that you are on a road authorized for public use while on the forest and grassland. 
The map is free, district specific and available both electronically or at all of our district offices.