Applying for a Job

U.S. Forest Service Fish Crew members carry nets in the field.

Affirmative Employment 

The USDA Forest Service is actively seeking talented and enthusiastic applicants from underrepresented groups such as minorities, military veterans, women and the disabled.  Contact our Special Emphasis Program managers for more information on job opportunities through our outreach and recruitment programs.


Applying through USAJOBS


In order to apply for any paid position, you must submit an application through USAJOBS

Step 1 -Create a USAJOBS profile.  It is recommended that as part of your profile you set up automatic email notification to be informed when the status of your application changes.

Step 2- Create a resume within USAJOBS or upload a resume into your USAJOBS account. We strongly recommend that you attach any supporting documentation to your resume (college transcripts, evidence of registration, DD-214, etc…). You should customize your resume to ensure that it documents any duties and accomplishments you have gained that are directly related to this position.  This will help us verify that you meet the minimum qualifications.In addition, your resume must support your responses to the online questionnaire (you may preview the online questionnaire by clicking on the link at the end of the “How You Will Be Evaluated” section of the job announcement—Note that there are three distinct tabs).

Step 3– Go to the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests Employment website and navigate to the job listings.  Open the listing that interests you.  Each job listing will contain an OCR Number, Duty Station and Closing Date that correspond to the specific positions available on this forest. Login at USAJOBS, then copy and paste the listed OCR Number next to “What” at the top of the page.  Click the blue arrow to search.  Click on the position announcement. 

STEP 4 - When the position description page appears, click on the “Apply Online” button and follow the prompts to complete the Occupational Questionnaire and attach any additional documents that may be required.  Be sure to select the same Duty Station from the job listing.  You can update your application or documents any time prior to the Closing Date established in the job listing.   Simply log into your USAJOBS profile and click on "Application Status." Click on the position title, and then select "Update Application” to continue.


Students and Graduates

As of 2012, the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) and Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) have been replaced by the Pathways Internship Program.  The essential requirements are the same; however, the hiring process has changed.  If you graduated with an advanced degree or certificate from a qualifying institution within the last 2 years, you may instead qualify for the Recent Graduates Program.