Fire Restrictions

Graphic with Smokey Bear encouraging you to follow fire restrictions.

Information about fire restrictions will be posted in Alerts and Notices in the alerts section when in effect. There are some areas on the forest which have year-round fire restrictions for resource protection. These restrictions are located on our closure orders page. Please remember that counties may have restrictions that can be enforced on the Forests and Grassland. You can check for those through the state-wide fire restriction website.

Visitors are asked to be careful with each and every fire and make sure they are put out until they are cold to the touch. It is important to remember that exploding targets, tracer bullets and fireworks are never allowed on National Forest System lands.

Fire restrictions come in different stages and become more prohibitive with each stage. We use certain critera to determine what stage of fire restrictions to implement, which includes current and predicted weather, how many resources we have available to fight fires, fuel moisture, fire behavior and containment challenges, and more. They may or may not include recreational shooting restrictions. It is important to read the details of each restriction that is in place. We coordinate fire restrictions closely with our county partners.

Why are campfires a concern? During times of extreme fire conditions, campfires can easily escape, potentially becoming a wildfire. The smallest spark can turn our dry forest into a dangerous wildfire. Firefighter and public safety are always our top priority.