Flood Closure Information

Reminder: Be aware of your surroundings and changing conditions in flood-damaged areas. Heavy equipment may be working on both closed and open roads. Remember, your safety is your responsibility!  For a list of the areas where work is planned visit our Flood Recovery Work page 

Road, Trail and area closures by district:

Boulder Ranger District ClosuresCanyon Lakes Ranger District Closures

Boulder Ranger District Flood Closures, (303) 541-2500

Roads:(updated 5/26/16)

  • Bear Gulch Road, Bear Gulch NW, East Bear Gulch  # 235. 1, 235.1A, 235.1B, 235.1C, 240.1, 240.1A (closed to motorized use)
  • Gillespie Gulch Spur 331.1A (closed to motorized use)
  • Boulder County Road  #102JN (closed to motorized use)
  • Walker Mountain and spurs #509.1, 509.1A, 509.1B (closed to motorized use)
  • Winiger Spur 359.1C, 359.1F, 359.1R, 359.S, 359.T (closed to motorized use)
  • Bunch School Road 216.1A (closed to motorized use)
  • 150.4 and 150.5 (closed to all use)
  • Gross Reservoir Road 97.1 (closed to all use)

See also: Boulder Ranger District Roads Status page

Trails and day use areas: (updated 6/7/17)

  • North Sheep Mountain Trail #828                                        
  • Coulson Gulch south of Higgins Park # 916
  • South Sheep Mountain Trail #919                               
  • Bright Extension Trailhead - Bright Extension Trail #921.2
  • The Lefthand Off Highway Vehicle Area - includes all lands identified on the closure map and the following roads: 268.1, 270.1, 286.1, 286.1A, 286.1B, 286.1C, 286.1D, 286.1E, 286.1F, 286.1H, 287.1, 287.1A, 287.1B, 287.1C, 287.1D, 288.1, 288.1A, 288.1B, 288.1D, 621.1; and trails: 836, 837, 838, 840, 841, 842, 843, and 844.

Go to: Recreation information. 

Canyon Lakes Ranger District Flood Closures, (970) 295-6700

Roads: (updated 10/26/16)

  • Coyote Hill Road (#325) and spurs
  • Dunraven Road (#104) - Closed past Bullwark Trail
  • Panorama Peak Road ( d only)
  • Ratville Road (Monument) (#350)
  • Solitude Creek Road (#122.A)
  • White Pine Lookout Road (#100)

See also: Canyon Lakes Ranger District Roads Status page

For information about Highway 34, please check the Colorado Department of Transportation website.

Trails and trailheads: (updated 9/22/2017)

  • Young Gulch Trail (#999)
  • Fox Creek Trail (#930)
  • Storm Mountain Trail
  • Homestead Meadows Trail system - The Homestead Meadows Trail #971 is open from its northern junction with the trail coming out of Hermit Park to its junction with Engert Homestead Trail (#971.2).  The southern and western portion of trail #971 from the junction with #971.2 to its terminus at the Pierson Park Trailhead remains closed. The Hill Homestead Trail (#971.3) remains closed.
  • West Creek Trail (#967)

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Notice: Big Thompson Accessible Fishing Pier was removed for safety purposes and the picnic areas along County Road 43 to Glen Haven were destroyed by the flood. Reconstruction of the fishing pier is expected in 2018.