Fire Restrictions - #KnowBeforeYouGo

Before you head to the Forest and Grassland it is always good to check the latest Fire Restrictions.  The Forest works closely with counties, monitors conditions as they change and continually evaluates the need for fire restrictions addtional fire restrictions.   Currently Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are in place on National Forest lands in all of the Sulphur, Boulder and Clear Creek Ranger Districts and portions of the Canyon Lakes Ranger District  (Boulder, Clear Creek, Grand, Gilpin, Park and Jefferson counties).  Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are in place on National Forest System lands on  the  Canyon Lakes  Ranger Districts in  Larimer County. See the specifc orders, what they restrict and where they are in place.  

Boulder Ranger District (One Order)

Clear Creek Ranger District (Two Orders)

Canyon Lakes Ranger District (Two Orders)

Sulphur Ranger District (One Order)


Click map below to view Stage 1 and 2 Fire Restrictions on the Forest. 

Map of new Stage 1 and 2 restriction as of July 10