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Flood Recovery Information

NFSR 119 Pierson Park before road repair. NFSR 119 Pierson Park after road repair.NFSR 119 Pierson Park before road repair. NFSR 119 Pierson Park after road repair.NFSR 119 Pierson Park before road repair.NFSR 119 Pierson Park after road repair.NFSR 119 Pierson Park before road repair. NFSR 199 Pierson Park after road repair.


The September 2013 Flood impacted 230,000 acres of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland (ARP). Of those National forest system lands in Boulder and Larimer counties approximately 370 miles of Forest roads, 157 miles of trails, four bridges and 38 facilities were damaged or destroyed. See infomration from the first two years after  the flood

Boulder County Flood Crew in Lefthand OHV Area, assessing flood damage to FR 286E Upper Carnage. 

Recovery Team Accomplishments through August 2015

  • 232 miles (63% completion) of the damaged roads
  • 52 miles (33% completion) of the damaged trails
  • 15 facilities  (campground, day-use areas, fishing and river access sites) restored and 12 decommissioned as no reasonable options to rebuild exist
  • Repaired 1 bridge and removed two destroyed bridges, including site restoration

Safety: Remember, your safety is your responsibility. Due to the flood forest officials have closed some roads, trails, and facilities on the Boulder and Canyon Lakes Ranger Districts. Please use caution in all flood affected areas. If you encounter an unsafe situation on a road or trail that is open, please stop and turn around. Emergency response access is limited due to flood damage.

Hazard Tree Information: The flood has caused destabilization of trees due to saturated soils and erosion. Use caution, especially on windy days.

Forest Service team inspecting vegetation in Lower Creek Area by Lefthand OHV Area

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Poudre Wilderness Volunteers have announced seven volunteer trail restoration weekends in 2015 to help restore flood-impacted trails on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District. Check their website for details. 
  • Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance is a great Boulder Ranger District volunteer opportunity. Check their website for details.

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A Note of Thanks to Partners and Cooperators

  • Colorado Department Labor and Employment
  • Boulder Mountainbike Alliance
  • Rocky Mountain Conservancy
  • Wildland Restoration Volunteers
  • Poudre Wilderness Volunteers
  • Rocky Mountain Youth Corp

Rocky Mountain Youth Corp working together to build a bridge in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

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