Fire Recovery Information

Five major wildfires burned over 300,000 acres (more than 25%) of National Forest System lands on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in 2020 – Cameron Peak, East Troublesome, Williams Fork, Lefthand Canyon and CalWood – with two being the largest in Colorado history. The Forest has set up a fire recovery team to provide additional capacity to Forest employees to help manage recovery efforts and is working closely with partners, including counties and water providers, to address long-term recovery needs.

Recovery from these fires will take years, not months to address. We ask for your patience as we continue to evaluate all the recovery work ahead of us. This will take time, but we will continue to make progress. As recovery projects are proposed that require analysis, they will be posted on our Schedule of Proposed Action (SOPA) list.

People visiting near or in fire-impacted areas should be aware of flash flooding risks. Learn more online about flood after fire..

Calwood & Lefthand Fires
  • The full CalWood BAER summary report is available on inciweb.
  • The CalWood Soil Burn Severity Map is available on inciweb.  
  • No BAER report was done for the Lefthand Canyon Fire due to its relatively small size, but because of its close proximity to the CalWood Fire a Soil Burn Severity Map was completed and available on inciweb.  
  • There are no designated trails or other developed recreation in these burn area, so no closures remain in place.
  • Landowners with post-fire needs or the public seeking to volunteer can check the Boulder County fire recovery website.
    • The Lefthand Watershed Center has opportunities to become a Fire Follower and help document recovery efforts.
Cameron Peak Fire
  • Check out the Cameron Peak Fire Recovery Storymap for information from many partners regarding recovery efforts.
  • Read A Look at Cameron Peak Fire A Year Later (8/13/21) for updates on what has been happening in fire recovery.
  • The full BAER summary report is available on inciweb.
  • The Soil Burn Severity Map is available on inciweb.
  • Fire suppression repair work still needs to be done, including repairing dozer and hand lines, but already more than 140 miles have been repaired.
  • The latest closure information is on our website. Although more general forest areas may reopen this year, many roads accessing those areas may remain closed. Crown Point Road is one example of a road likely to remain closed longer than others.
  • Volunteer opportunities are expected to occur in the burn area.
  • Larimer County has information for residents impacted by the 2020 wildfires online.
East Troublesome Fire
  • Initial BAER summary report is available on inciweb.
  • The Soil Burn Severity Map is available on inciweb.  
  • Areas on the Sulphur Ranger District remain closed due to fire impacts. See the latest closure order here.
  • Northern Water and Grand County have a fire recovery website with lots of helpful information.
Williams Fork Fire