Flood Recovery Work

Heavy equipment construction in progress between the roadway and river off of County Road 43.


Photo Gallery of County Road 43

2014 Flood Repair Status

Larimer County Road 43 (Drake to Glen Haven) Road Infrastructure Project Information

Highway 34 Information from the Colorado Department of Transportation

What are the most important things to know about this list of repair work?

  • This list of roads, trails, and recreation facilities is dynamic and subject to change.
  • Sequencing of projects will likely change as crews begin work and finalize proposed projects.
  • Not all areas have been assessed on the ground yet. Crews may discover further damage as they travel into remote and high elevation areas that were previously inaccessible or under snow. These areas may require more or less work than was initially anticipated.
  • We are working within a changed landscape which requires us to be flexible in how we plan and implement work.

How did the Forest determine which roads, trails and recreational infrastructure to repair this year?

Some roads were initially approved for funding of repairs under the Emergency Repair of Federally-owned Roads authorization (ERFO). The Flood Recovery Team developed a comprehensive plan for prioritization of additional repairs based on the following criteria:


  • Health and safety
  • Access to private land
  • Contractual obligations, such as those to outfitter and guide use
  • Emergency response needs
  • Resource needs (such as watershed, timber and recreational use)
  • Efficiencies gained by grouping repairs based on geographical location of the roads 

Recreational Facilities:

  • Health and safety
  • Natural resource concerns
  • Amount of analysis required for repair
  • Contractual obligations, such as those to outfitter and guide use


  • Health and safety
  • Natural resource concerns
  • Amount of analysis and/or rerouting required for repair
  • Organizations and partners available to assist with repairs

What about damaged areas that won’t be repaired in 2014?

All the trails, roads, and facilities that were damaged are on the list. However, some have higher priorities than others. As time and resources allow, we will work to prioritize other damaged areas on the Forest. If you see additional damage on Forest Service lands, please feel free to report it by e-mailing us.

Long-term Recovery in a Changed Landscape Focus: Safety, Ecosystem Restoration, Public Service:

The focus of the U.S. Forest Service's actions in the flood area is:

  • addressing public and employee safety issues;
  • prioritizing work needed to stabilize, repair, relocate or decommission facilities and infrastructure, and restoring dynamic ecosystems that are sustainable and appropriate within the limits and opportunities of this landscape;
  • providing public service through working with communities, partners and volunteers to resolve issues, leverage funds, and expand our recovery efforts.