Forest Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement Appendices

Table of Content (pdf, 52KB)

Appendix A (pdf, 3.9MB)

Public Involvement and Response to Comments

Appendix B (pdf, 3.3MB)

Description of the Analysis Process

Appendix C (pdf, 5.6MB)

Inventory and Evaluation of Roadless Areas

Appendix D (pdf, 3.4MB)

Wild and Scenic River Evaluation

Appendix E (pdf, 746KB)

Silviculture Systems, Logging Systems, and Related Effects

Appendix F (pdf, 374KB)

Oil and Gas Leasing and Development

Appendix G (pdf, 2.8MB)

Management Indicator Species Analysis and Rare Species Lists

Appendix H (pdf, 1.1MB)

Biological Evaluation of Sensitive Species

Appendix I (pdf, 395KB)

Biological Assessment of Endangered and Threatened Species

Appendix J (pdf, 832KB)