Forest Plan Amendments, Errata and Administrative Corrections


Amendment 1 (pdf, 66KB) Changes wording for Lakewood Pipeline of Forest Plan Standard 11 on page 14: “Maintain long-term ground cover, soil structure, water budgets, and flow patterns in wetlands to sustain their ecological function, per 404 regulations.” (4/1999)

Amendment 2 (pdf, 68KB) Changes the adopted VQO for the Lakewood Pipeline Corridor to “modification” from “partial retention.” (4/1999)

Amendment 3 (pdf, 63.44KB) Changes wildland fire management response strategy for Knight Ridge portion of the ANRA to “prescription control” from “perimeter control.” (6/2004) Map (pdf, 167.52 KB)

Amendment 4 (pdf, 63.21KB) Restricts all snowmobile use in the Fraser Experimental Forest. (6/2004). Forest Plan replacement page 293 (pdf, 103.70 KB)

Amendment 5 (pdf, 73.09 KB) Changes the language for standard 12, standard 135, and guideline 136 and modifies Table 1.16 (7/2005). Forest Plan replacement pages: 14 (pdf, 86.88 KB)and 34 and 36 (pdf, 94.67KB)

Amendment 6, (pdf, 60.64 KB) Modifies the list of management indicator species by removing 13 species. (7/2005). Forest Plan replacement pages 28 & 29 (pdf, 105.60 KB).

Amendment 7, (pdf, 130.62KB) Modifies the geographic area direction for the Berthoud Pass, James Peak and Winter Park Geographic Areas. (9/2005) Forest Plan replacement pages 77-78, 113-116, and 319-321 (pdf, 142.66KB).

Amendment 8, (pdf, 63.33 KB) Changes the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum for the Brainard Geographic Area. (11/2005) Map (pdf, 240.KB)

Amendment 9,(pdf, 168.96 KB) Replaces the Visual Management System (VMS) with the Scenery Management System (SMS) (10/2006). Forest Plan replacement pages 38 and 40, (pdf, 99.54 KB)

Amendment 10, (pdf, 481 KB),  Updated oil and gas leasing analysis for the unleased portion of the Pawnee National Grassland.  Map (pdf, 490 KB)


Errata 1 (pdf.72.75 KB) Corrects FEIS Chapters 2 and 3. Corrects Record of Decision. (1/1998)

Errata 2 (pdf, 125.21 KB) Multiple corrections to Forest Plan Chap. 1,2,4, S-Tables. Corrects FEIS (10/1998)

Errata 3 (pdf, 53.11 KB) Multiple corrections to Forest Plan Table of Contents and Chap. 1. (7/1999)

Errata 4 (pdf, 53.11KB) Corrects Forest Plan and Forest Plan Grazing Map (7/2008). Forest Plan replacement page 208 (pdf, 95.73KB)


Correction 1 (pdf, 89.5KB) incorporates the Routt Forest Plan direction, specific to the Williams Fork area, into the Arapaho, Roosevelt, and Pawnee Forest Plan (2/2007).