Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest Recreational Sport Shooting

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests work toward Implementation of Shooting Closures identified in the 2019 Recreational Sport Shooting Project Decision 

The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland is committed to working towards implementation of the 2019 Recreational Sport Shooting Management Decision and Forest Plan Amendment, identifying unsuitable areas for shooting on National Forest System lands. These closures are contingent on shooting ranges being constructed in certain geographic areas to provide for safe shooting opportunities where dispersed opportunities are limited. Implementation of closures is also contingent on compliance with public notice and comment procedures required by the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act. 

Currently, the Devil’s Nose Target Range on the Clear Creek Ranger District is under construction with a planned opening in late summer 2024. The Clear Creek Shooting Sports Park is under development with an expected opening in 2025. Once these ranges open, closures will begin in their associated geographic areas, as outlined in the 2019 Decision. A range opening will also initiate closures in Grand County and northern Larimer County where many dispersed shooting opportunities still exist. 

The John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act was signed in between the Forest releasing its draft and final decisions. As such, the Forest is following the process outlined in the Act.

The intent of these closures and Forest Plan Amendment is to protect public safety by improving management of recreational sport shooting. They are a result of more than a decade of a unique federal, state, and county partnership aimed to carefully consider and balance all Forest user needs and access, while also prioritizing public safety.  

When fully implemented, the 226,113 acres identified as unsuitable for shooting will be closed. The three geographic areas included in the current Dingell Act process comprise 141,095 acres of that, including 94,900 acres when Devil’s Nose opens and 46,195 acres when the Clear Creek Shooting Sports Park opens. An additional Dingell Act notice will be provided at a future date to complete implementation. 

Please note that the Forest previously received and responded to comments about these shooting restrictions as part of the planning process for the Recreational Sport Shooting Management Project.  All previously raised information and issues were analyzed in the project’s environmental analysis. Details of the project, including the analysis and final decision are available at

Proposed Permanent Closure Order 1 & Map Exhibit

Proposed Permanent Closure Order 2Map Exhibit

Justification Document

Federal Register Response to Comment