Canyon Lakes Ranger District Weed Management

The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland are implementing their Noxious Weed Management Plan. Current treatment practices may include using animal or insect predators; manual labor; mechanical removal devices; or herbicide application.

From May through October 2018 the Canyon Lakes Ranger District or Larimer County Weed District may treat noxious weeds in some or all othe following geographic areas:


  • County Road 44H (Buckhorn Road)

Cameron Pass

  • Long Draw

Cedar Park

Cherokee Park

  • Various Watersheds
  • Mill Creek Allotment
  • Schaffer Allotment

Crosier Mountain

Crown Point

  • Pingree Park Road
  • Bennet Creek
  • Crown Point Road


  • Sand Creek Logging Roads
  • Seven Mile Road



  • Hell’s Canyon
  • Colorado Highway 36

Greyrock area

Laramie River Valley

Lion Gulch

  • Lion Gulch Trail
  • Pierson Park Road
  • Twin Sisters Allotment
  • Forest Road 118
  • Homestead Meadows/Big Elk Park


Poudre Canyon

  • Stove Prairie Road
  • Colorado Highway 14 corridor (campgrounds, pull-outs, trailheads)
  • Young Gulch
  • Recreational Residences
  • Dadd Gulch Trail
  • Home Moraine Pull-off


  • Old Flowers Road (Rist Canyon)



  • Powerlines
  • Timber Sale areas
  • Fish Creek
  • Old Roach Mining Camp
  • Cucaracha

Sheep Creek

  • Boulder Ridge/Trail Creek
  • McGreavy Meadows
  • County Road 80C
  • George Creek
  • Lotta Bull/Bull Mountain