Clear Creek Ranger District Weed Management

Herbicide Information Hotline:  (303) 541-2539

From May 2018 through October 2018, the Clear Creek Ranger District will be treating noxious weeds in some or all of the following locations, using various herbicide formulations:

Areas in Gilpin County

  • Columbine Campground
  • Columbine Fuels Project Area
  • Pickle Gulch Campground
  • Cold Springs Campground and nearby areas

Areas in Clear Creek County

  • Abandoned mine sites:
    • Dibbens Smelter/Sydney Tunnel (near Guanella Pass road)
    • Doctor mine site (near Jones Pass road)
    • Lombard Mine (near the town of Alice)
    • Minnesota Mine
  • Bakerville-Loveland Trail
  • Bear Tracks Burn area (Mt Evans Wilderness and between Wilderness boundary and State Wildlife Area)
  • Clear Creek Dude Ranch and Barbour Forks Road and trailhead
  • Clear Creek Office and Workcenter, Idaho Springs
  • Guanella Pass Road
  • Herman Gulch trailhead area and summer home group
  • Highway 40 Corridor, including Stanley Slide area, Floral Park and Berthoud Pass summit
  • Mad Creek fuels treatment area
  • Mizpah Campground
  • Mt Evans Wilderness Area trails, including Bear Tracks and Beaver Meadows, and trails in the Captain Mountain area
  • Santa Fe Fuels Project Area (near Idaho Springs)
  • West Chicago Creek Campground
  • West Chicago Creek Fuel Project Area and roadside
  • Yankee Hill Fuels Project area

Areas in Jefferson County

  • Beaver Brook area
  • Evergreen Fuels Project area
  • Lower and Upper Maxwell Falls trailhead areas
  • Brook Forest Road

Areas District-wide

  • Developed picnic areas and campgrounds
  • Recreational Residence summer homes
  • Roads (isolated infestations)
  • Trails (isolated infestations)
  • Trailhead parking areas
  • Newly discovered priority infestations