Sulphur Ranger District Weed Management

The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland are implementing their Noxious Weed Management Plan within annual budget and workforce constraints. Current treatment practices may include using animal or insect predators; manual labor; mechanical removal devices; and herbicide spraying.

From June 2018 through September  2018, the Sulphur Ranger District will be treating noxious weeds on the District using various herbicide formulations. The following areas will be treated:

Arapaho National Recreation Area vicinity:

Double A Bar (CT, OH)
Willow Creek Canal Picnic Ground (CT, MT, SC, SK, DK)
Rainbow Bay Picnic Ground (CT, MT, SC)
Quinette Point Picnic Ground (CT, MT, SC)
Sunset CG and Boat Ramp (CT, MT, SC)
Sunset Gravel Pit (SC, CT, MT)
CR 6 and Lower Doe Creek (CT, OD, SC)
Upper Doe Creek Loop (CT, MT)
Moraine Loop CG (SC, CT, MT, OD, YT)
Roaring Fork CG and Boat Ramp (CT, MT, OD, SC)
Roaring Fork TH/parking lot (YT)
Knight Ridge Trail (CT, MT)
Monarch Lake: west end (CT, YT, OD, SC)
Lake Granby NE shore to Hidden Cove and islands (CT, MT, SC)
Lake Granby shoreline west of Twin Creeks (OH, CT)
Lake Granby peninsulas: west shoreline (East of Hwy34): (CT)
Stillwater CG and Boat Ramp (CT, MT, SC, OD, HT)
Cutthroat Bay CG (CT, MT, SC, OD)
Coffey Divide (CT, MT, YT)
Bussey Hill rangelands (and below dikes 1 and 2) (CT, HT)
Green Ridge CG, Boat Ramp and FS Dock (CT, MT, SC, OD, HT, BH)
Green Ridge Beautification Project (CT, MT, SC)
Green Ridge Good Neighbor units (CT, MT)
Shadow Mountain islands and shoreline with NPS (OD, CT, OH BT)
Shadow Mtn. Village (CT, OD, SC, YT)
Pine Beach Picnic Area (CT, OH)
Point Park (CT, SC)
Hilltop (YT, OD)
East Shore TH: Grand Lake end (CT, SC)
Shadow Mountain Picnic Area (BT, HT, OD, CT, SC, bindweed)
FS Hay Meadow (CT)
North shore Willow Creek Reservoir (CT, BH, MT)
Chuckwagon /SW Willow Creek Reservoir with C Lazy U (CT, SC)
3 Lakes ponds (SC, CT)
Meadow Creek Rd and Reservoir area (CT, YT, OD)
Flyswatter/Tabernash timber sale (CT, MT)
Little HO ditch road (CT)


Lake Evelyn Trail (Byers Peak Wilderness) (CT)
Bowen Trail (Never Summer Wilderness) (CT)
Roaring Fork Trail(Indian Peaks Wilderness) (3 switchbacks up:CT)

Stillwater vicinity:

FDR 123 (west side at switchbacks and Lost Lake junction; east side at slump; Trail Groomer shed and along Trail Creek at 190 junction) (CT, SC, OD)
Supply Creek Landings and roads (CT)
Trail Creek Tr. and Beaver Line Loop Trail(CT)
Vagabond Ranch (OD)
Winding River Overlook trail and drainage to west (CT)
Little Gravel road 190.1(CT)

Highway 125 vicinity:

Cabin Creek road: FSR 112.1b and 112.1 (CT, OD)
Ute Bill Allotment (CT)
FSR 121.1/Kauffmann (CT)
FSR 121.1M/Upper Bronco (OD, CT)
Bronco Mine(OD)
Mulstay road (CT)
Parkview drill pad road/FSR 266.1 (OD)

Fraser Experimental Forest vicinity:

Creekside Trails and ditch (OD, CT)
Flume Trail: meadow on south portion of trail (OD)
FEF Admin Site (OD, CT)
Upper Fraser cutting units/Fool Creek road (OD, SC, CT)
Byers Peak Trail and Wissom Loop (CT)
St Louis CG (SC, OD)
St Louis Cr. Road/boundary to Iron Creek (OD, SC)
Leland Creek road/FEF to Vasquez(CT, SC, OD)
Byers Creek CG(CT)

Williams Fork vicinity:

Ptarmigan Work Center/Ute Pasture/Kinney Cr Road/Barker Ditch/ Cowperthwaite/Leal (OD, CT)
FSR 136 (to Lake Evelyn TH)(CT, YT)
Sugarloaf Campground (CT)
South Fork Campground(CT)
South Fork Loop Trail: 1 mile south of Darling TH (YT, MT)
Skylark Allotment/Upper unit with County (CT, MT, PT, YT, HT)
          Dale headgate road (CT)
          Parking lot (MT)
          Dry Skylark/Battle stringer meadows (MT, CT)
Keyser Ridge/Crimson roads and units (CT, OD)
Keyser Creek Road (YT, CT)
Maya/Cook Creek roads (CT, MT, SC, YT, OD, cheatgrass)
Steelman Road (past bridge) (CT)
DWB Jones Pass Bunkhouse: (HT)
North Sector road/bunkhouse to Darling Creek (CT, YT, OD, SC, HT)

Blue Ridge vicinity:

Hunter Spring Area (CT)
Muddy Allotment/Muddy Creek (CT, MT, YT)
          Morgan Gulch (CT, MT)
          Brinker/Long Park (LS, MT, YT, CT)
          Lower Little Muddy (LS, BH on boundary: CT on creek)
          Sylvan ditch (CT)
          Lake DeKoevend (CT)
          Upper Muddy/Aspen Lodge (YT, MT, CT)
Cottonwood Allotment (CT, YT, HT)
Beaver Creek road (YT, CT)and end of 260.1 (YT, SC)
Horshoe Trail: Beaver Creek to top of ridge southbound (CT, MT)

Church Park vicinity:

Church Park/Simpson Creek (YT, CT)
Upper Buddy road complex (YT)
Church Park fire area (CT, OD, YT)
Ptarmigan Peak Road (OD, CT)
Crooked Creek Road(SC, OD, CT, knapweed)
FSR 880.2 (YT)

FSR 128/Winter Park vicinity:

FSR 128 (OD, YT, CT, SC)
Jim Creek Trail, NSCD CG and wetland: below FSR 128 (CT, OD, SC)
Elk Creek (D2, WTB, Vista parking lot and Forest Boundary) (OD, CT)
Hamilton Creek diversion (CT)
Idlewild CG/Fraser River Trail with County (OH, OD, SC, CT)
Little Vasquez Rd/above Little Mac (OD)
Upper Fraser River: old gravel pit and upstream (OD, CT, OH)
Vasquez tunnel road and portal (OD)
Winter Park Resort: WPR to treat(CT, OD, YT, SC)

Timber Sales:

Arrow (SC, OD, CT)
Tabernash (CT, SC)
Upper Fraser 2 (CT, MT, SC, OD)
Pass Creek (SC, CT)

Backcountry Contract areas:

Cub/Kelly headwaters and John Wayne Park(CT, YT)
Morgan Gulch: top to bottom (BLM) (YT, CT, MT)
Upper Muddy Park/above road at upper crossing (CT)
South Horseshoe Trail: Cole Creek ponds to Little Muddy Cr. (CT, YT)
Cottonwood Pass/ Eightmile Cr.(CT, YT, HT)
Upper Beaver Creek/Beaver Park(YT)
Big Meadows(YT, CT)
Ute Pasture NE unit (OD)


CT – Canada thistle, MT – musk thistle, BT – bull thistle, PT – plumeless thistle, SC – scentless chamomile, OD – oxeye daisy, OH – orange hawkweed, HT – houndstongue, BH – black henbane, LS – leafy spurge, YT – yellow toadflax, SD – Shasta daisy,  SK – spotted knapweed, DK – diffuse knapweed, SK – spotted knapweed, WT – whitetop, DT – dalmation toadflax


For more information, please contact Doreen Sumerlin, Wildlife Biologist, (970.887.4129) at the Sulphur Ranger District office in Granby, Colo.