Shadow Mountain Village

About Shadow Mountain Village

Shadow Mountain Village originally served as the work center and housing for construction workers on the Colorado-Big Thompson Water Diversion Project on the west side of the Continental Divide near Grand Lake, Colorado.

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What is the Colorado-Big Thompson Water Diversion Project (CBT)?

The CBT project spreads over approximately 250 miles in the State of Colorado. It stores, regulates, and diverts water from the Colorado River on the western slope of the Continental Divide to the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. It provides supplemental water for irrigation of about 720,000 acres of land, municipal and industrial use, hydroelectric power, and water-oriented recreation opportunities. (Bureau of Reclamation)

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                                                                                                            A map of the Colorado-Big Thompson pipeline

The map above shows the location of the CBT Project and the associated camps, Green Reservoir camp, Shadow Mountain Camp and Estes Park Camp.


Who is the Bureau of Reclamation?

At the beginning of the 20th Century the country was still being settled and the public outlook was one of expansion and development. As the century progressed, public consensus emerged on the need to exploit and manipulate water for economic gain. To meet the needs of an expanding nation Congress created the Reclamation Service in 1902 with the purpose to “reclaim wasted water” and put it to a good use for agricultural/irrigation purposes.

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