Reclamation Architecture

Simple and efficient

Tasked with monumental construction projects in undeveloped areas the Bureau of Reclamation quickly developed standard plans for entire towns that were needed to support the armies of people required to complete the engineering and construction of dams with their associated water control structures.   The Bureau of Reclamation was also charged with keeping construction costs down as half of the costs of any large project were borne by the Water Conservancy District.


layout of a small residence 


picture of a 3 bedroom layout



In the Shadow Mountain Camp the houses were all constructed in the “colonial type” of the Denver office of the Bureau of Reclamation standard designs.  The Shadow Mountain Camp residences were built off of the standard designs for the 3, 4 and 5 room cottages and the standard duplex design.





A picture of standard design 2Denver Standard Design Cottage Type 2



Picture of Denver Standard Design 3 duplex.












Denver Standard Design Cottage Type 3




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